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Jawbone Prime: Complete with handy knick-knack storage

We all have those fiddly little things we don’t want to throw away but don’t have a sensible place to keep; from those ridiculously small bottles of Tabasco to tiny screwdriver sets from Christmas crackers. Which is why it’s very thoughtful of Aliph to package its latest headset, the Jawbone Prime, in a little plastic cupboard. Complete with hinged door, it is the perfect home for all those little things – once you’ve managed to get the headset out, that is. It’s quite the Crystal-Maze-worthy puzzle to extract it in the first place.

The Prime is a sleek, military-esque Bluetooth headset, with metallic mesh finish and hidden buttons. It comes in an array of shiny colours so you can accessorise to your heart’s content. Also inside the box is a tray of earpieces so you can work out the absolute best fit for your ear – and once we hit on the ideal set up, it was fairly comfy to wear.

We paired the headset with an iPhone, which was easy enough, but had trouble getting the re-dial function to work consistently – sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t, who knows why.

The Prime comes complete with Noise Assassin – the rather exciting name for the noise-cancelling function. The sound quality is already pretty good, but if you’re in a particularly noisy area Noise Assassin will kill all background noise, ninja-style. Even as lorries and buses went by our highly professional testing zone (Goodge Street), the person we were calling couldn’t hear any traffic noise. The only problem was that every time we tried to hit the Noise Assassin button, it knocked the headset out of place – not ideal when you’re on a call.

You can buy the Aliph Jawbone Prime from Carphone Warehouse, Argos and Phones4U among other high street retailers priced at £89.99.


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