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Jeff Minter’s Minotaur Rescue goes live (and hairy) for iPhone and iPad

What do you mean, ‘Who’s Jeff Minter?’ Wash your mouth out, youngster. Jeff was one of the first bona-fide rockstar game developers in the 1980s, releasing a succession of animal-themed shoot ’em ups through his Llamasoft company. In recent years, he’s carried the theme through to Xbox Live Arcade.

Now he’s tackling iPhone and iPad, with a new game called Minotaur Rescue. Yes, there are more hairy animals in it – well, manimals, if we’re being mythically accurate.

The game has a distinctly 8-bit feel with its graphics, as you blast space rocks and flying saucers while rescuing the titular minotaurs. Two people can play at once on an iPhone, and four at once on an iPad. Game Center and OpenFeint are plumbed in for community features too.

Apparently, this is just the first in a series of games under the banner of ‘The Minotaur Project’, which Minter says is all about making “games in the style of old gaming systems but which are satisfying and fun to play for players both ancient and modern”.

At 59p, it’s an essential download for iOS gamers of a certain age, but hopefully it’ll still appeal to The Kids too.


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