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Jenga gets a block-toppling official game for iPhone and iPad

Jenga just hit the App Store, and it looks awesome. The game has been released for iPhone and iPad, packing a ninja 3D physics engine, Retina’d up graphics (if you have an iPhone 4), and even social features.

It’s the work of publisher NaturalMotion, using the same physics tech that makes the tackles so bone-crunching in the Backbreaker Football games. The company worked with original Jenga creator Leslie Scott on the new games to make sure they were as authentic as possible.

The game gets you tapping and dragging on the touchscreen to remove blocks from your increasingly wobbly tower. There’s a four-player pass’n’play mode, and the option to see how your tower height stacks up (literally, ho ho) against friends playing on their own devices. Game Center is fully plumbed in.

Meanwhile, a new Arcade mode adds colours and score multipliers into the mix, along with power-ups like ‘collapse reverse’ and wildcards, turning Jenga into more of, well, a game.


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