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July 14th UK Apple Pay launch accidentally confirmed by HSBC

If you’re in the UK and eager to try out Apple Pay, the wait will be over as of Tuesday, according to a deleted tweet from HSBC at least.

As has happened in the past, it was by way of a helpful customer service Twitter feed that the most precise Apple Pay UK launch date thus far was brought to light.

Twitter user @AS11SY kicked off a conversation with the @HSBC_UK Twitter feed on Sunday evening:


And whilst that particular feed politely confirmed that it’d be launching ‘any day now’ initially…


…It went on to reveal that the bank was expecting Apple Pay to formally go live in the UK on Tuesday. Not long after the tweet in question was posted and other users had picked up on this key morsel of new information did HSBC removed the tweet and continue subsequent conversations as if it had never been mentioned.

Luckily, one eagle-eyed user following along with the dialogue was able to screenshot the key tweet before deletion and whilst there’s an outside chance it’s simply a Photoshopped fabrication, we see little reason for it at this late stage.


As Alphr points out, there are other clues to Apple Pay’s imminent arrival, like signs that have started to appear in the windows of McDonald’s restaurants around the country and other sources also pointing towards a Tuesday launch.

Thankfully whether HSBC’s tweet is on the money or not, we don’t have long to wait and provided you’re packing an Apple Watch or an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with iOS 8.4, you should be good to go when the time comes.

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