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Keep your iPhone going longer

Little can be said to criticise the latest iteration of Apple’s iPhone, which has done a spectacular job in refining the design and formula that previous handsets did so well.

Yet for all its achievements Apple is still to do away with an ever dwindling battery problem. Since the launch of the iPhone several years ago, battery life has kept on getting better. But we are still bound by the ‘daily charge’ rule that sees every iPhone owner desperately scrambling for a plug socket come bed time.

All is not lost however, there is salvation for those seeking respite from the music-less post party journey home following a night without charge. Or even the businessman who misses an important email thanks to a dead battery while stuck in transit.

The cure comes in the form of extra iPhone battery packs, of which there are many. Nearly all add a somewhat unsightly plastic hump to your otherwise beautifully designed phone, some just keep this hump smaller than others.

When purchasing an extra battery pack your want to consider how much extra electricity you are going to need versus how big you mind the thing being. It is possible to pick up an entirely separate battery or pre-charged pack which is then good for several complete iPhone recharges. Or you can opt for a sleek case/battery combo which usually provides less recharge capacity but more space in the pocket.

The best inbetweener around is the Mophie Juice Pack air. It combines a pretty decent design with a serious battery life. The juice pack also doubles as a pretty decent case for the iPhone 4, keeping the handset safe from nasty scratches and accidental drops.
Along the bottom of the Juice Pack are a series of four lights, these display the amount of charge that the case holds. The side has a switch which then controls when this charge will be sent to the phone. This means you can dip into the Mophie’s charge whenever you need a bit of extra juice.

Rated at about 270 hours of standby or another 5 hours of 3G, the Mophie will give you the extra boost that serious iPhone users need to get through a couple of days without charge.

The other option is a dedicated external battery. HyperMac have long produced portable batteries for Macbook laptops and have recently set about making smaller batteries for iPhones. The HyperMac Mini is a 7200mAh battery that will charge anything via USB. It will fully recharge your iPhone another six times.

The size and weight of the device means that it is not quite as portable as other options, but for those demanding serious power, there is no better choice.


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