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Kickerinho Guide: Tips and tricks to master your game

Kickerinho tips and tricks guide: How to score big in this addictive mobile keep-up game, by mastering the art of combos and frenzies. 

Kickerinho is a reaction-based football keep-up game for iOS/Android/Windows Phone with simple but challenging gameplay. Are you struggling to pull off those killer combos and boost your frenzy meter? No worries, as Tabasco Interactive shares its top tips for getting the best possible score and unlocking awesome new gear in our full Kickerinho guide.

Also, the sequel to Kickerinho is out now for iPhone on the App Store, packing even more features and tricks! Check out our Kickerinho World tips and tricks guide.

Kickerinho Tricks

There are almost 30 tricks that you can use in the game, which can be divided into three main categories:

­ Feet tricks: You start the game with a basic foot trick, which simply kicks the ball back up into the air. You need to watch where ball is going to land and then tap the left or right side of the screen to trigger the correct foot.

­ Head trick: This is the second trick you unlock. Head tricks work in a similar way to feet tricks; if the ball is veering to the right side of the screen, you need to tap right to send the ball back over to the left. You’ll keep on doing head tricks until your guy straightens up and lowers his arms. Timing is very important again, as tapping too late will make the ball bounce away erratically.

­ Stall tricks: These tricks require balancing the ball on the neck, heel, head and other body parts. When you start a stall trick, a balance indicator will appear on-screen. You need to tap on the left side of the screen to move the ball to the left and on the right side to move it to the right. If the ball goes too far to one side, you’ll fail the trick.

Top Developer Tip: While you’re performing a stall trick, ­the longer you tap, the faster the ball will move.

Leveling up in Kickerinho

When you complete tricks, you gain experience – and after gaining enough experience points you’ll eventually level up. Leveling up gives you rewards, such as new tricks, sacks of coins, an increased rate at which the frenzy meter gets filled, an increased chance for getting coins, a longer frenzy mode and a better score multiplier.

Top Developer Tip: You can get five times more experience for a short amount of time by purchasing the experience potion, with some of your collected coins. Just tap the football icon in the top right corner and then the potion icon. Each potion costs 300 gold coins, so use them wisely when you’ve already got the rhthym of the game.

Kickerinho’s currency: What are the coins used for and how do I win coins?

Coins can be spent on different costumes, new balls and on the experience potion, ­which helps you to level up five times faster than normal. Tap the football icon in the top right and you’ll see all of the stuff you can buy with your coins.

You win coins simply by playing the game. For example, there is a chance to win a coin for every trick that you successfully complete, depending on your timing. The more you level up, the greater your chance to win coins by performing tricks. You can also win extra bonus coins by doing the following:

  • ­Come back to the game ­each day and you’ll get a daily reward of 50­-150 coins.
  • ­Level up, which occasionally rewards you with sacks of coins (between 100 and 250 coins in all).
  • Watch an ad.
  • Buy an in-app purchase.

Kickerinho’s Frenzy Meter: How to fill it up fast

At the top of the screen, just below the trick counter, you’ll find the frenzy meter. When you fill this up by successfully performing tricks, Kickerinho will go into frenzy mode and sutomatically complete between four and eight tricks, to give you a much-needed breather! You’ll know when frenzy mode is coming to an end and you need to take over again as the action will slow down some more.

So, how do you fill up the frenzy meter quickly? Well, figuring out the right rhythm is the key to maxing out your frenzy bar in no time at all. Here are our top tips.

Feet tricks: You need to tap as late as possible to complete the trick, but beware tapping too late and failing the trick.

Head trick: The sweet spot is to tap when the ball has just passed the highest point and begun to drop again.

Stall trick: Try and keep the ball in the center of the screen.

Developer Top Tip: Higher-level tricks fill up the frenzy meter faster than standard tricks. On higher levels, you can also unlock bonuses which help you to fill the meter faster and make the frenzy mode last longer.

How is my Kickerinho score calculated and how can I score higher?

Your final Kickerinho score is calculated using a number of different stats. These are:

  • ­The number of tricks you successfully complete (obviously), as well as the type of tricks that you use (more advanced tricks give greater score bonuses) and the number of different tricks used. So while it’s important to keep going for as long as possible, you should also mix things up with a variety of tricks.
  • Your player level.
  • The number of times you activated the frenzy mode.
  • The number of combos you managed to pull off. A combo is a streak of at least three different tricks successfully pulled off in a row (for example, Feet, Head, Heel). Streaks are indicated by the multipliers that pop up beside your character. The longer the streak, the bigger your score bonus.

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