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Kickerinho World Tips & Tricks Guide: Become the keepy-up champ!

Kickerinho World Hints: Master the sequel to Kickerinho, level up your character, discover the best power-ups and max out your experience points with our Kickerinho World tips and tricks guide.

Kickerinho World Tips: How to unlock new tricks and max out your scores

The more complex a trick is, the more points you’ll score in the league mode. And when you unlock the silver version of each trick, you’ll get even more points when you bust it out mid-game.

Of course, the key to maxing out your score isn’t just using the best tricks. You also have to perfectly time your tricks, which in league mode fills up the frenzy bar at the top of the screen. For perfect trick timing, you need to tap the screen at the last possible moment. But be careful, because a late tap means you’ll miss the trick. Practice of course makes perfect.

Fill up the frenzy bar and you’ll unlock the frenzy mode, where your points get multiplied. Even better, you can stack frenzy modes and bag yourself a higher multiplier each time. If you’re skilled enough, you can get this up to a 512x multiplier, which nets you an absolutely insane score. However, higher frenzy levels last for a shorter length of time, making things significantly tougher.

Kickerinho World’s campaign mode is the way to unlock new tricks. Progress through the campaign and you’ll unlock bigger and better tricks, which in turn nets you more points.

Kickerinho World Tips: How to master challenges and level up your character

Completing Kickerinho World’s in-game challenges is the way to build up your experience points, which in turn allows you to level up your character. Note that you don’t get experience points for the league mode, however.

If you want to get a Perfect rating for a challenge, you need to make sure that at least 90 percent of your tricks are perfectly timed. This will give you double experience points, so is well worth aiming for.

Kickerinho World Tips: How to ‘cheat’ with bonus balls

You can buy new balls in the Kickerinho World in-game shop, with each ball giving you a different kind of bonus to help you improve your scores. Some examples of bonuses include:

Increased frenzy duration (our pick for the best bonus for maximising your score)

Chance to get a bonus point

Experience points boost

Chance to win coins

While some balls are locked until you reach a high enough level, you can skip this irritation by purchasing them with gems instead of coins. Bear in mind that this method is more expensive.

Kickerinho World Tips: How to join a team, and what benefits does this give?

One of the most fun new features in Kickerinho World is the ability to join a team, which you can do in the main menu. Each day, teams are paired up and compete against each other. If your team scores the most points, you win a star; collect enough stars and you’ll rise up the ranks.

Ranks 20 to 10 require two stars to advance. Ranks 9 to 1 require three stars.

However, if your team loses a match, you’ll also lose a star. Like Hearthstone, if you lose all of your stars, you’ll lose a rank.

Why rise up the Kickerinho World ranks? Well, because the rewards for winning each match are greater when you’re a higher rank!

Kickerinho World Tips: Best power-ups

Sometimes you’ll win yourself a power-up during a game, or you can also buy one in the Kickerinho World in-game shop. Power-ups can be used to boost your score in the league mode, so they’re well worth paying attention to. Of course, they’re one-use only, but you can use up to three of each type.

The multiplier power-up adds a x2, x3, or x4 bonus to perfectly timed tricks.

The frenzy power-up increases the frenzy mode duration (which is key to building a really big score, if you’re skilled enough).

The shield power-up allows you to miss a trick and continue. This one is really helpful when used with the other power-ups.

Be sure to check the Kickerinho World quests area often. Quests are pretty easy to complete, so they’re an easy source of currency and power-ups. Best of all, quests will replenish after three hours.


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