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Arguments for the Apocalypse #5: Kim Kardashian emojis

Do you like Kim Kardashian? Are you incapable of expressing emotions with anything other than stupid f*cking pictures? Then the Kim Kardashian emojis are probably going to blow your tiny, pathetic mind.

First, the Oxford English Dictionary declared that its ‘Word of the Year’ was actually an emoji. And now, with the news that bucket-arsed waste-of-air Kim Kardashian has released her own set of ‘Kimojis’, we’re officially ready to command emojis to get in the f**king sea.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know bugger all about Kim Kardashian and going on the emojis on offer, I couldn’t be happier that that’s the case. You have a colourful selection to decorate your messages with, including a massive cartoon arse, a hairdryer, a pole dancer, someone flipping the bird and some barely-blanked-out tits.

Which all goes to suggest that Kim is a truly wonderful human being and no doubt a fantastic role model for our children.

You can obtain the Kimojis by downloading the app, which should be vomited onto the App Store just before Christmas. Every time someone downloads it, an angel dies.


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