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Kindle Oasis Unboxing and Hands-On Review

Our Amazon Kindle Oasis unboxing and hands-on review compares the Oasis to previous Kindles, the Paperwhite and Voyage, while taking a closer look at the Oasis’ design and leather cover. So, is the Kindle Oasis really worth that premium asking price?

Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Paperwhite vs Kindle Voyage: What’s the difference?

The Kindle Oasis is the most expensive Kindle in Amazon’s line-up by quite some way, starting at £100 more than the Kindle Voyage. For that money you get a slimmer, lighter device with an ergonomic grip, plus a luxury bundled leather case with a built-in battery for greatly expanding the Kindle’s longevity.

The Oasis sports the same size of screen as the Paperwhite and Voyage (six inches) as well as the same 300 pixels-per-inch resolution, but you get more backlight LEDs for a brighter and more even display. However, the Kindle Voyage boasts an adaptive screen that automatically adjusts the brightness depending on your environment, while the Kindle Oasis and the Kindle Paperwhite have to be manually adjusted.

Kindle Oasis unboxing and hands-on review video

Here’s our Kindle Oasis unboxing video, where you can see the new design, the leather cover and some of the new features.

Kindle Oasis UK price and release date

The WiFi and 3G model of the Kindle Oasis is available right now from Amazon in the UK, for £329. The WiFi-only version costs £269, and is available from June 13.


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