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Kobo launches super-sharp Glo HD eReader

Kobo’s new Glo HD boasts the highest resolution of any eReader, apparently giving an experience just like reading off paper for £109.

Following its nifty water-resistant Aura H2O eReader, Kobo has now launched the world’s sharpest eBook reader, the Kobo Glo HD. The Glo HD packs a 6-inch screen with a mighty 1448×1072 HD resolution, giving 300 pixels-per-inch – almost as many as Apple’s Retina display. That means text should be super crisp and the Glo HD should be ideal for taking in graphic novels or reading picture books to your sprogs.


The built-in ‘Comfort Light’ means you can read in the dark without disturbing your bed partner, just like with Amazon’s Kindle Voyage eReader, and the anti-glare screen should make reading in the sun easy. There’s a 1GHz processor to keep the Glo HD running smoothly, 4GB of storage space to carry thousands of books at once and the battery should last up to two months between charges.

At 9.2mm the Kobo Glo HD is a bit of a chunky mother, and Kobo’s online eBook store isn’t quite as well stocked or populated with reader reviews as Amazon’s Kindle Store equivalent. However, at £109 (or $129 US), the Glo HD seems to offer plenty of value considering its beefy specs. We’ll bring you a full review soon.

You can bag the Kobo Glo HD from June 1st here in the UK.


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