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Korean boffins work out how to delay phone ageing and boost battery life

Researchers from Hanyang University in South Korea have developed a new smartphone technology called WALDIO, which slows your phone’s ageing process and improves longevity.

We know all too well the frustration of dealing with a creaky old handset that takes an age to do anything, especially when it’s still months until your next upgrade. But WALDIO – Write Ahead Logging Direct IO, in its much less catchy long form – could be our salvation, improving a phone’s battery life and also extending the time before it starts to slow down.

WALDIO works by minimising how much data a phone swaps in and out of memory. Professor You-jip Won of Hanyang University reckons this can help a phone to run up to 20 times faster and also extend battery life by almost 40 percent.

Chances are WALDIO won’t be available to install on existing phones, but rather will be embedded in future phones if picked up by a manufacturer. Here’s hoping that the Korean team can stir up some interest when it shows off the tech at the Usenix Annual Tech Conference in California today.

In the meantime, if your phone is getting on and needs a bit of CPR, check out our tips and tricks guide to boosting a crappy old phone’s performance.


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