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Kristen Bell releases a Christmas song for the mobile generation

Feeling Christmassy yet? Us neither, but that hasn’t stopped Kristen Bell from releasing a catchy a cappella Christmas hit for the mobile generation.

‘Text Me Merry Christmas’ is a collaboration between singer/actor Kristen Bell, who most recently lent her vocal talents to the character of Anna from Disney’s Frozen and a ten-man a cappella group by the name of Straight No Chaser.

SNC approached Bell to create the collab, which has resulted in a sickly sweet, catchy Christmas jingle that comes complete with a text-message-based lyric music video.

The tune and video include text messaging tropes like smileys, abbreviations; including ‘BRB’ and ‘LOL’, emojis, poor/lazy spelling and even a hint of making out with your smartphone (something our very own Chris Barraclough knows a little something about) under the mistletoe.

At the time of writing, the video is currently nearing the 500,000-view mark, but expect that number to shoot up once we actually hit the countdown to the big day in December. SNC has also released the track available for purchase and download across iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play, although not all markets might have access to this phone-centric festive tune.

So, what’s your favourite Christmas jingle and when qould you say is too early to release a new Christmas song, even if it does tug at your mobile-loving heartstrings? Let us know in the comments below.


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