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KT rolling out iCarte NFC case for iPhone in South Korea

Apple might not be baking NFC functionality into the iPhone 5, but that hasn’t stopped Korean network KT thinking outside the box. The ‘iCarte’, is apparently an Apple Certified case for the iPhone 4 that’s made by Wireless Dynamics in Canada.

The case which contains an NFC chip will allow you to tap to pay for items in stores with money coming out of a pre-paid ‘transit card’. Sounds a little familiar to us… a little bit like this NFC case that we made for our iPhone 3GS. We’re ahead of the curve in ways that even we couldn’t imagine.

More seriously, this could well be how all of the UK networks bar Three (for the moment) could power their forthcoming mobile wallet venture.

This could be a good way to NFC-ise phones that don’t come with a chip built in, simply by building them into detachable cases. We’ve seen more NFC-enabled phones popping up since the launch of the Nexus S, most notably in the recent BlackBerry line up including the Curve 9360.

Source: 9to5Mac


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