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Leaked Vodafone press shot reveal HTC Desire C specs

A leaked press shot has appeared confirming the HTC Desire C, along with spec information and photos, couresty of Vodafone’s Portuguese team who included the the shots in its May catalogue before the official announcement.

 HTC Desire C shot leaked, via GSM Arena

Seen on GSM Arena, the images are not the first to reveal the form-factor of the new low-end HTC device, a classic curved shape running Android. The catalogue does however reveal more on the final specs of the HTC Desire C. The device sports a comfy-in-the-palm sized 3.5-inch screen with a good resolution at 320×480 resolution and has a rather lowly 600MHz processor. The team has marketed the device as 3.5G, so not 4G LTE and not 3G – so we’re assuming they mean HSDPA. The phone has a small 4GB of internal memory and a 5-megapixel camera.

 HTC Desire C specs leaked, via GSM Arena 

The surprising, and impressive, news is that the device will come running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It has also been leaked that the HTC Desire C will have a 1230 mAh battery to keep it powered-up and will retail at a wallet-friendly under 200€.

We expect that HTC and / or Vodafone will be revealing more official news soon and we will of course keep you updated.


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