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Leaks hint at a new low-end BlackBerry 10 phone

Could some lower cost BlackBerry 10 devices finally be on the way? That could be the case if recent leaks are to be believed. The first comes courtesy of BlackBerryOS, who received a picture of what is thought to be an R-Series device, also known as the BlackBerry 10 Curve. Like the upcoming BlackBerry Q10, this new handset will feature a portrait QWERTY keyboard below a smaller screen. The design, however, is reminiscent of BlackBerry’s more affordable devices.

That seems to be the ultimate goal for the R-Series phone too. According to BlackBerry OS, R-Series devices are said to have a “more streamline” set of features. That would mean slower processors, less RAM, and designs quite far removed from flagship BlackBerry devices.

Information obtained by BlackBerry Empire seems to back up that theory. The site recently received a sketch of what looks to be the back of the R-Series handset, with the illustration showing space for a microSIM and microSD card slot. The pictured R-Series – dubbed the Mini Q10 by the publication – is again said to be an “entry-level device”, featuring 8GB of internal storage and a 1,800mAh battery.

Pricing for this new BlackBerry 10 handset is said to fall in the range of $300 to $400 (around £197 to £262). According to BlackBerry Empire’s source, the phone will be made available sometime between Q3 and Q4, indicating a possible Autumn launch.

[via The Verge/Phone Arena]


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