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Leprechaun Drunkard: Silly Irish-themed tilting game for Android

Ok, so we’re late to this by a couple of weeks or so. Yes, we know St. Patrick’s Day was last month, whatever. When we stumbled across this game in the Android Market we knew we had to write it up.

Leprechaun Drunkard is an incredibly silly tilting game for Android devices (2.1+). The aim is to prop up a thoroughly wrecked leprechaun called Shamus for as long as possible.

You do this by tilting your phone left and right as Shamus swaggers about the place. Inevitably, he’ll collapse and instantly go to sleep on the beer soaked floor. You can post your best times to your Facebook wall if you wish, to brag to your mates.

Protip: use this and Angry Birds Seasons to wind up any Irish friends you have on Facebook.

There’s two editions of Leprechaun Drunkard, a freebie one with ads and a donate version, which currently works out at £0.62.

We always thought that the correct spelling was ‘Seamus’ and we going to barrack developer Ye Olde Cat until we Googled it and found that Shamus is an acceptable variant. So we learned something today. Thanks Ye Olde Cat and Google.


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