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LG G Watch R2 and HTC wearable tipped for early 2015 launch

Looks like we’ll see fresh wearables from LG and HTC in the new year, courtesy of the G Watch R2 and a mystery device ‘like no other’.

Our favourite smartwatch of 2014 is undoubtedly the LG G Watch R, a gorgeous and desirable chunk of rounded loveliness, so the news that a sequel is on the way next year brings joy to our blackened, shrivelled hearts.

LG is apparently already hard at work crafting the G Watch R2, which will be the first 4G-enabled smartwatch. We’re not really sure why 4G on a watch would be necessary – after all, these devices tend to work fine simply streaming notifications and content from your phone, and you’re hardlies going to sit down and watch a bit of Netflix on your tiny wearable screen. Still, as long as the G Watch R2 retains the first device’s style, we’re sure it’ll be a winner.

HTC will also finally unleash a wearable device on the world early next year, if the rumours aren’t total crap. Word is that the thing won’t be a smartwatch, and in fact will be ‘very different from anything currently on the market’. Perhaps a smart t-shirt that suggests recipes and restaurants based on the food stains it picks up?

LG’s G Watch R2 is expected to debut at MWC at the start of March, while the HTC wearable should emerge at CES in January. More details when we have them.


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