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LG sets its sights on bendy and rollable mobile screens

LG aims to unleash bendy phones on the UK in 2015 and rollable mobile tech (as well as tellys) in just a couple of years…

LG’s already a bit of a pioneer, releasing the world’s first curved mobile phone in the form of the LG G Flex, and it isn’t ready to stop there, with bendable technology set to follow curved screen tech into the mainstream.

The very definite 2015 stamped onto LG’s plans suggests that the company is already at an advanced stage with its early P-OLED displays, and there’s been some suggestion that the technology could even be close enough to be included in the upcoming LG G4, follow up to the awesome LG G3, which we expect to see in the UK next summer.

The company wrote an enthusiastic ode to P-OLED displays in a recent blog post, predicting that they “will play an important role in people’s everyday lives in the future.”

LG also hopes that its plastic OLED displays will go beyond the bendable, with the aforementioned roadmap indicating a goal of foldable and rollable displays on devices by 2017, something we’ve been told to expect ‘in the future’ by other manufacturers, with only vague predictions for dates. A rollable or foldable tablet makes good sense, allowing you to quickly slip it into a pocket or bag at a moment’s notice.

Bendable and foldable displays are sure to bring a new dimension to wearable technology, and with companies such as LG and Samsung already invested in the tech, it’s finally getting to a point where their inclusion in the marketplace has become a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’.

What comes after that is anyone’s guess, but with our Mystic Meg wig firmly in place, we’re predicting holographic laser projection technology to be its successor.


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