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LG G4 in a nutshell

We flap our way through a heap of rumours, leaks and teaser trailers for the upcoming LG G4, the highly anticipated follow-up to Recombu’s Best Phone of 2014.

Why should I care about the LG G4?

Did you know that the LG G3 won our Best Phone award last year, thanks to its powerful laser-guided camera optics, gorgeous Quad HD screen and bevy of awesome features? That’s why you should care about the LG G4. Expectations are higher than Bez on a bender and we’re already hopeful that this phone is a serious Best Phone of 2015 contender.

LG G4 design

When it comes to design, we’d expect another svelte and gorgeous build from the G4. However, this time LG has apparently gone full leather (an approach already taken by Samsung for its Galaxy Note handsets). The leather backing was just a rumour at first, but LG itself has confirmed the whisperings with its own teaser materials.

LG G4 specs and features

Reports have of course wildly varied when it comes to the LG G4’s specs. All of them seem to suggest a screen measuring between 5.5 and 5.9-inches, with a lot of chatter around a 5.7-inch display. And seeing how the LG G3 rocked a supremely sharp 2560×1440 panel, the LG G4 will presumably sport either a 2k or 4k display to keep media fans happy.

LG has already revealed that the screen will be 25% brighter than previous models, with a ‘20% wider colour range’. And as expected it’s going to be IPS.

There’s also rumours of a sapphire screen finish, the kind we expected Apple’s iPhone 6 to rock, which ultimately turned out to be total dookie. A sapphire panel would be highly resistant to damage from drops and scratches, although even if the G4 doesn’t step up to sapphire, you can still expect at least a Gorilla Glass 4 protective panel.

Interestingly, the G4 might also come packing a stylus nicknamed the ‘G Pen’. A stylus version of the G3, known of course as the G3 Stylus, was launched at the end of last year, although we’re unlikely to see it here in the UK. Hence, we’re interested to see what features LG will add to make use of a digital pen – perhaps the G3 Stylus was a kind of trial run for the G4?

As for the camera optics, expect a gentle step up from the LG G3’s 13-megapixel hardware. Rumours state a 15-megapixel or 17-megapixel snapper will be on board the G4, but LG is concentrating on sexy new camera features instead.

So, you now get a quick start feature, where a quick double-tap of the volume down button takes a shot almost instantly. And the new Gesture Interval Shot tool takes four selfies in quick succession, so you can choose which one comes out best to share online. We’re expecting a lot more on top of that too.

Finally, performance. We’re expecting the latest Snapdragon 810 processor to power the LG G4, the same chipset found in the HTC One M9 and LG G Flex 2 – which if true means the Samsung Galaxy S6 will still be the most powerful smartphone of 2015 so far.

When will the LG G4 be released in the UK, and what’s the price?

The LG G4 is going to launch here in the UK on April 28th and should be on sale from early to mid May.

As for pricing here in the UK, expect a premium price tag. Around £500 SIM-free.


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