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LG G4 in sexy red leather hits Vodafone

If you’re a bit of a sucker for red leather, and fancy LG’s latest super-sexerific G4 mobile, get yourself on Vodfaone’s website and snatch up this gorgeous exclusive handset.

We’re already massively in love with the LG G4 thanks to its beautiful ultra-dense screen, incredibly versatile camera tech and all manner of smart and helpful features. But now our trousers are well and truly stirring at the sight of this exclusive red leather model, which you can only grab through Vodafone here in the UK.

The design, specs and everything else remain the same compared with other models of G4, but that crimson finish is easily the most gorgeous thing we’ve seen since the Iron Man redesign of the Galaxy S6. It’s bound to turn heads when you whip it out on the number 37 bus and get you noticed at parties, thus making you a much better human being.

Head on over to Voda’s website to snag the new red LG G4, available free on bundles from £35 a month (or £49 for a £32 bundle). The £35 bundle gets you 1000 UK minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data, which should suit most people just fine – but you’ll want to boost your data allowance if you plan on streaming video to your sexy new handset.


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