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LG G4 tips n’ tricks features guide

How to get the most from your LG G4 mobile, with our guide to the best features and hidden tools.

Take notes during calls with QMemo+

Surprisingly, not many G4 users seem to know about the QMemo feature, which is the very first icon in your row of notifications shortcuts. This is particularly handy if you’re on a call and need to scribble down some info, like an address or a reminder.

Stick your call on loudspeaker if you’re not using a headset, then pull down your notifications tab and tap the QMemo+ icon. You’re now free to scrawl on the screen with your fingertip, and can save your efforts when you’re done by tapping the tick in the top left corner.

Control your telly and other tech with QRemote

One useful feature is the QRemote, which can be used to control your TV, set-top box, projector and other infra-red tech.

First, pull down your notifications tab and then go to ‘Edit’ and tick the box next to QRemote. You’ll now find it in your row of shortcuts. The first time you tap QRemote, you’ll be asked to set up your device. Just go through the menus to choose your telly type and then you’ll have a virtual remote at your fingertips.

Multi-task in style

In the notifications section you’ll also spot the ‘QSlide’ icon, which allows you to run apps side-by-side or even on top of one another, with the ability to fade in and out. This is really handy for bashing out emails while browsing the web, or watching video while taking notes, etc.

Tap QSlide and you’ll see a second row of icons pop up, showing a list of compatible apps. Tap the one you want and it’ll open in a window, on top of whatever you’re already doing. That slider at the top controls the fading, so you can have an app run in the literal background while you crack on with something else.

Don’t interrupt me

If you’re about to head into a meeting, the last thing you want is your phone buzzing non-stop in your pocket. So head to Settings, then Sound & notifications, and scroll down to Interruptions. This allows you to specify exactly what notifications are allowed, including the ability to set up priority contacts who can break through in emergencies.

Spontaneous camera shot

Spotted something so hilarious/cute/ridiculous that you need to immediately snap a photo? Just yank out the LG G4, aim it at your subject and quickly double-tap the volume down button on the back. This will load the camera app and take a shot automatically in around two seconds.

Effortless selfies

Pushing a fiddly button on your phone while stretching out your arm is one surefire way to drop and smash your precious smartphone, but the LG G4 has more convenient means of taking a selfie.

The easiest way is to raise your hand so it’s picked up by the front camera, then pump it into a fist either one time for a single shot, or twice to take four shots in succession.

You can also just yell to take a shot. First, bring up the camera app settings by tapping the cog icon, then tap the voice shutter icon (a face with three curved lines spouting from the mouth). This turns on voice mode, so you can say something like ‘cheese’ or ‘kimchi’ to take a photo.

Automatic profile switching

Want your LG G4 to behave differently when you’re in and out of the house? For instance, have a loud ring at home in case you leave the phone charging somewhere, then switch to vibrate when you wander out?

Good news. Just go to Settings, then General, then scroll down to Smart Settings. This allows you to set up your sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings based on your current location. Admittedly it’s a pretty basic solution and could use a lot more customisation, like Sony’s RFID profiles, but it’s better than nothing.

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