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LG G6 in a nutshell: Specs, UK price and release date

LG G6 in a nutshell: Here’s everything we know so far about LG’s next big mobile phone, the LG G6, set to launch in February 2017. From confirmed specs to a possible UK price and launch date, here’s all the hot LG G6 news.

It’s been almost a full year since LG launched its last flagship mobile, the LG G5, which proved to be a seriously stand-out smartphone in 2016. For a start, the G5 was one of the very first examples of a modular mobile to hit the UK, boasting a pull-out battery and the ability to expand the phone’s capabilities with LG’s ‘Friends’ add-ons. This mighty mobile also packed some beefy specs and a very cool dual-lens camera, something that’s now become rather fashionable for smartphones.

So what about the LG G6? Well, we already know that LG is launching the G6 at MWC 2017 in Barcelona, on February 26 at 11am UK time. And strangely LG has already confirmed the phone’s existence and even revealed a lot of the specs and coolest features, ahead of the launch.

Here’s everything we know about the LG G6 so far, including a specs breakdown and UK release info.

LG G6 in a nutshell: Specs at a glance

Phone LG G6
Screen size 5.7-inches
Screen resolution Quad HD+ (2880×1440)
OS Android 7.0 Nougat
Processor Snapdragon 835
Memory 6GB
Storage From 32GB
MicroSD? Yes
Water resistant? TBC (but looks likely)
Cameras 16MP + 8MP

LG G6 in a nutshell: Design and modular functionality

LG has eliminated one of the G5’s key features for the G6, namely the modular expansion. While it was possible to pull off the G5’s bottom edge and attach various accessories, including a powerful speaker and a camera accessory, few of these LG ‘Friends’ truly excited.

Instead, it looks like we’ll get an all-glass unibody design with the LG G6. Rumours suggest it will be both stunning and also impressively durable, not to mention water-resistant like the Galaxy S7 or Xperia XZ. Of course, this does mean no removable battery this time around, which is a shame.

LG G6 in a nutshell: Screen and interface

The LG G5 downsized the screen compared with other LG flagship phones, which typically sported 5.5-inch displays. By comparison, the LG G5 packed a modest 5.3-inch panel.

With the LG G6, LG has drifted in the opposite direction. Now we have a 5.7-inch ‘Quad HD+’ screen with a 18:9 aspect ratio, which fills almost the entire front of the phone – just like the Galaxy S8’s panel. LG is calling this screen ‘FullVision’. The Quad HD+ bit refers to the 2880×1440 resolution, which is sharper than standard Quad HD (2560×1440) and better suited to the LG G6’s unusual aspect ratio.

LG has designed its UX 6.0 interface with the FullVision display’s aspect ratio in mind. Everything from the camera app to the split-screen feature makes the most of the G6’s spacious panel.

You can once again expect the LG G6 to pack a minimum of 32GB of storage space for your media, complete with microSD memory card support.

LG G6 in a nutshell: VR functionality

We’re also expecting the G6 to pack some kind of VR functionality, possibly to rival the likes of Daydream VR on the Pixel phones (among a few others) and Samsung’s Gear VR platform. Of course, the Korean company already had a stab at VR in 2016 with the LG VR 360 headset, which was much maligned for its expensive asking price and inferiority to rivals like Gear VR.

However, LG will more likely embrace Google’s Daydream VR platform, which is set to become big news in 2017. So far very few phones support Daydream VR – essentially just the Moto Z and Google’s own Pixel phones. So if the LG G6 supports Daydream with its spacious and pleasingly dense display, that would be a big plus for any VR-loving tech heads.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Plus is rumoured to sport a 4K screen for VR purposes, and it seems unlikely that LG wouldn’t want to stand toe-to-toe with its fellow Korean manufacturer. However, 4K displays are also a bigger battery drain, so the tech needs to be refined in order to prevent a miserable battery experience. Which is why we reckon a Quad HD+ panel could be a great thing indeed.

LG G6 in a nutshell: Performance and battery life

The LG G6 will pack the very latest smartphone processing tech, to ensure a silky smooth everyday experience for some time to come.

Fingers crossed, the Snapdragon 835 chipset will therefore find its way into the LG G6’s guts. This all-new Qualcomm processor was just announced at the tail end of 2016 and boasts even better performance, plus the new Quick Charge 4.0 tech, into a smaller space. That means more powerful, slimmer handsets than ever before.

Quick Charge 4.0 is said to charge a handset up to 20 percent faster than Quick Charge 3.0, so we’re hoping that an hour at the plug will give you almost a full battery in the LG G6.

LG G6 in a nutshell: Cameras

With the current trend towards dual-lens cameras (see Huawei’s most recent handsets and the iPhone 7 Plus), we’re expecting LG to stick with the two lenses on the rear of its 2017 flagship. And certainly, leaked images of the LG G6 show a dual-lens setup, with the cameras quite flush to the surface of the phone.

Question is, will these work independent of one another, like on the LG G5? Here’s hoping we see a telephoto lens to rival Apple’s snapper, but the design suggests otherwise.

LG has officially revealed some details about the LG G6’s camera interface, which has been completely redesigned to suit that new FullVision display. You can now check out your photos in a large preview panel as you’re snapping, or easily shoot 1:1 aspect ratio photos for quick and simple social sharing. You can also create GIFs in a jiffy, while a new Food Mode is ideal for anyone who absolutely has to snap photos of their dinner before consuming it.

LG G6 in a nutshell: UK price and release date

The LG G6 will be launched at the huge Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 expo, which kicks off at the tail end of February. LG has already sent us an invite to the G6 press event, which is scheduled to kick off at 11am UK time on Sunday February 26. We’ll be there to get our hands on the G6 at last, for our first look review and more.

You can expect the LG G6 to be released here in the UK around April 2017, and the asking price will almost certainly begin at £549 to £599. Better get saving, then.


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