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LG GD510 Pop: Compact touchscreen fun

Just by looking at the GD510 Pop you can see that LG has kept things as minimal as possible. Instead of having two keys for call and cancel, LG has merged this functionality into a single button which glows green when you want to call someone and red when you want to hang up. There’s nothing quite so frivolous as a menu key – everything is accessed through the touchscreen.

The LG Pop’s specs are postivley spartan when compared to the all-singing LG Chocolate BL40 released last month. LG has squeezed a 3-megapixel camera and 8GB of onboard memory into the Pop’s brushed aluminium frame, but there’s no sign of a flash or a microSD port for memory expansion. Net access is also limited to GPRS/EDGE as there’s no 3G or Wi-Fi — ouch.


LG is obviously hoping to repeat the success of the LG Cookie. There’s a high demand for inexpensive touchscreen phones but this time round LG will have to see off competition from other manufacturers. Samsung recently launched the Genio Touch (aka Samsung Corby) and this month should see the release of the T-Mobile Pulse, the first PAYG Android handset.


The LG GD510 is due for release in the UK this month. No exact date has been announced yet and neither has price or network availability.



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