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LG K3 vs K4 vs K8 vs K10 2017: What’s the difference?

We compare the new 2017 models of the LG K3, LG K4, LG K8 and LG K10, to see what is the difference in specs and features and which may be best for you.

This time last year, LG launched its brand new LG K7 and K10 smartphones at CES 2016. These budget blowers were designed to offer LG’s feature-packed mobile OS and funky design at an entry-level price point, for those on a tight budget. They were swiftly followed by the LG K4 and LG K8, giving thrifty consumers a choice of sizes and specs to suit their own personal needs.

Fast-forward a year and LG has just launched a fresh range of K-Series smartphones at CES 2017. The latest line-up includes the all-new LG K3, as well as an updated version of the LG K4, K8 and K10.

Here’s how the four new 2017 LG K-Series phones stack up in our full comparison, to help you decide which might be best for you.

LG K3 vs K4 vs K8 vs K10 2017: Specs at a glance

Phone LG K3 LG K4 2017 LG K8 2017 LG K10 2017
Screen size 4.5-inches 5-inches 5-inches 5.3-inches
Screen resolution 854×480 854×480 1280×720 1280×720
Fingerprint sensor? No No No Yes
Processor SD 210 SD 210 SD 412 MT 6750
Memory 1GB 1GB 1.5GB 2GB
Storage 8GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
microSD? Yes (32GB) Yes (32GB) Yes (32GB) Yes (2TB)
NFC? No No Yes Yes
Battery 2100mAh 2500mAh 2500mAh 2800mAh
Rear camera 5MP 5MP 13MP 13MP
Front camera 2MP 5MP 5MP 5MP (wide)

LG K3 vs K4 vs K8 vs K10 2017: Features

This year’s K-Series phones all rock a familiar LG design, and once again follow the Korean manufacturer’s naming convention; the LG K3 is the smallest of the bunch at 4.5-inches, followed by the 5-inch K4 and K8. Finally, 2017’s LG K10 is the giant of the gang at 5.3-inches (which is still quite modest for a modern mobile).

All but the LG K10 2017 sport a plastic frame, while LG has saved a more premium metallic finish for the largest device. None are water resistant, which is to be expected at this price point, although the LG K10 does boast a built-in fingerprint sensor. None of these phones have a Type C USB port either, so you’re stuck with the old non-reversible 2.0 type.

The LG K3 and K4 2017 are similar in most respects, beyond the size of the screen. Both pack a low-resolution display, which is suited for basic tasks such as web browsing. Likewise, the Snapdragon 210 processor and lonely 1GB of RAM makes these budget blowers best for non-demanding users.

The 8GB of storage space can be boosted with a microSD memory card in both cases however, and we’re expecting all-day battery life from both mobiles. The LG K4 2017 does sport a bigger battery at 2500mAh, compared with the 2100mAh cell in the LG K3. You also get a strong selfie camera, which can take more detailed photos.

If you upgrade to the LG K8, you get a 5-inch phone just like the LG K4. However, the K8’s screen resolution is improved, with 720p HD visuals on offer. You also get NFC support and a more powerful Snapdragon 412 processor, plus an extra half a gig of RAM, for smoother everyday performance. Storage space is also doubled, so you can store more apps, photos and other bits, while the rear camera is bumped up to 13-megapixels.

The LG K10 2017 is another step up from the LG K8 2017. You get a MediaTek 6750 processor backed by 2GB of RAM, so you can expect decent performance from games. The 32GB of storage can be expanded up to 2TB with a microSD memory card, while the other K-Series phones only support cards up to 32GB in size. You also get the biggest battery of the gang, plus a wide-angle selfie camera for capturing you and your buddies in action.

LG K3 vs K4 vs K8 vs K10 2017: UK price and release date

LG has just launched its new K3, K4 2017, K8 2017 and K10 2017 at CES in Las Vegas, but we’re still waiting for official confirmation on a UK price and release date for the phones. Stay tuned for a full update.


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