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LG Optimus Pad: Photo gallery

The Optimus Pad will be running Android 3.0, the latest version of Google’s OS. Made especially to make the most of tablets, expect it to make the most of the increased screen space. This tablet can also record in 3D, through dual back-facing cameras.

The LG Optimus Pad from the side. The power button, external speaker and 3.5mm jack are shown off in all their glory.

The 3D cameras of the Optimus Pad doing their thing. Unlike with the LG Optimus 3D, we’re able to give you a better idea of how 3D recording works using stereoscopic cameras.

We couldn’t resist showing you this cheeky little display. The LG Optimus Pad sits proudly between an Apple iPad with its ‘unnecessary dead spaces’ and an ‘automatically down graded quality’ Samsung Galaxy Tab. Ooh get you LG.


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