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LG plans “thinking” handset and $100 smartphones

Recent results suggest that Samsung is leading the way when it comes to Android, with even HTC’s profits down despite that company offering some excellent ‘Droid handsets. So where does LG’s future lie in this market?

According to Kwon Bong-suk, managing director of LG Mobile Communications, the company’s crystal ball reveals two ideas: a smartphone that only costs $100 and devices that do the thinking for you.

Bong-suk told a Korean news website that a revolutionary “thinking smartphone” could take away some of the stresses of modern life.

“Preparations for the development of the thinking smartphone are underway,” The Verge reported. “We’ll make a product that can closely connect with consumers which will set a new rule in the game”

The Korean manufacturer plans to identify the “universal value” that users are looking for. As an example, Bong-suk suggested a smartphone that could automatically set your alarm to go off a little early if it realises the traffic on your route to work is bad that day.

The introduction of a $100 smartphone is also one of LG’s goals, although Bong-suk said the company wouldn’t produce such a device if it meant sacrificing quality.

Is either of these ideas enough of a game-changer to wrestle market share away from the Apple iPhone 4s and Samusung Galaxy S2? Have your say in the comments below. 


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