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LG Secret Review


Tempered glass and carbon fibre aren’t materials you would usually find in a mobile phone but the LG Secret boasts that and a lot more. The LG Secret is available from a number of networks and resellers for free from around £25 to £30 per month.

What we like
The LG Secret looks and feels like it was designed by luxury car manufacturers. Tempered glass, carbon fibre and fake leather combine to create a serious phone that can take a few knocks. For a relatively thin phone it’s impressive to see a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot pictures and video, including slow-motion video.

The keypad is spacious which makes texting easy and the touch-sensitive navigation keys offer vibrating feedback when you tap them so you know when you’ve done something. In a clever move, LG has not made the cancel key touch-sensitive, which was a popular complaint about the LG Chocolate.

What we don’t like
A bizarre and slightly confusing feature on the Secret is its touchscreen that only works in certain modes, rendering itself useless the rest of the time. Aside from playing games we found the touchscreen functionality very poor. Equally disappointing is the lack of a xenon flash that hinders what would otherwise be a great camera in low light conditions.

Audio performance is good but there’s no built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. The LG secret comes with a 3.5mm headphone adaptor but it’s annoying to carry that about and we expect more from a high-end handset.

The LG Secret is definitely one of the sexiest slider phones out there and offers an enjoyable user experience if you want the basics with a little bit extra. Our only advice goes to smart phone fans looking for a do-it-all phone – this is not it. The LG Secret is very stylish and packs a fair amount of features but due to its slim design it lacks certain features smart phone fans may be looking for.





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