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LG to bring flexible e-ink technology to the European market next month

LG, which has shown soft spot for the development of e-ink technology in the past, has announced plans to bring its latest creation to the European market. The main difference with this new e-paper display technology is that it’s flexible. The 6″ plastic display can in fact be distorted to an angle of around 40 degrees and with this technology, LG are hoping to “revolutionize the E-Book market.

LG flexible e-ink display

e-ink screens are the weapon of choice for the likes of the Amazon Kindle and Nook tablet based on their low power consumption and excellent sunlight legibility and now by throwing flexibility into the mix, there’s real potential to expand e-reader functionality and versatility.

The 6″ display, which supports a resolution of 1024×768 is not only thinner than its glass-covered counterparts (at just 0.7mm thick), but also weighs less than that of a similarly sized glass display. Although flexible e-paper-based broad sheet newspapers might not be the direction this technology is headed just yet, the company has already proven the advantages of their new display in resilience tests.

With the company quoting that around 10% of E-Book users have damaged their displays either by dropping or excessive force, LG’s new plastic display has already survived a number of drop tests from a height of 1.5 metres.

LG says that components will be supplied to China-based ODMs immediately and finished products utilising the new technology should be able to arrive on European shores by the start of next month.


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