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LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 headphones review

We review LG’s latest wireless Bluetooth headphones, the Tone Infinim, boasting retractable earbuds and pleasingly long battery life.

LG’s new HBS-900 headset goes for a more rigid design than the previous HBS-750 ‘phones, with a solid horseshoe-shaped frame that slips comfortably around your neck. Thankfully it’s still light enough to forget you’re even wearing it, although the solid frame does bounce annoyingly off your collarbone if you dare to jog while wearing the thing.

Still, the retractable earbuds are a definite bonus. Just yank them out of the frame when you want to slip them in your ears, then push the concealed buttons when you want the wires to whizz back into the housing. It’s a clean, helpful way to keep the wires from dangling free and potentially getting tied up.

You have plenty of control over your mobile thanks to the array of buttons and switches. The main button on the right pauses and plays your music, while a dinkier switch on the edge can skip through your tracks. On the left side you have an answer calls button which can also bring up your voice assistant, plus a volume rocker.

Battery life is as strong as previous headphones, with the Tone Infinim lasting two full weeks between charges with an hour or two of use per day. You can quickly and easily recharge at any time using a standard micro USB cable – no proprietary crap here.

As for sound quality, the ‘phones are great for a wide range of music, with a crisp, clear output. Your brain won’t exactly be blitzed by bass, if that’s your bag, but we were more than happy to use the Tone Infinim as our everyday headphones and it does a decent job of blocking out background noise too. Great news for commuters.

The headset also worked perfectly for calls, with the built-in mic clearly picking up my voice even in blustery conditions.

The LG Tone Infinim HBS-900 is a pricey device and not ideal for sports, but if you’ve got the cash to spare and want a tidy, funky wireless headset, this is a solid all-round choice.


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