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The three innovations of LG’s V10 smartphone

The new LG V10 smartphone has just been unveiled, packing three pretty unique and interesting features not found on other mobiles: manual video controls, dual front-facing cameras and a second always-on screen.

LG V10 innovation #1: Second screen

The Russian Yotaphone handset was one of the first mobiles to pack a second screen, in that case an e-ink display that was sat on the back. LG’s V10 takes a different-yet-similar approach, this time with a second strip-like screen that’s sat directly above the main 5.7-inch Quad HD display.

The idea is that this screen is always on, displaying whatever info is most important to you – be it your next appointment, today’s weather or important notifications. You can also see what song or podcast you’re listening to or display a row of shortcuts to your favourite apps. And it can also gently prod you about incoming emails and so on without disrupting whatever you’re doing, such as kicking back with a film.

LG V10 Second Screen

LG V10 innovation #2: Dual shooters

The front selfie camera on the V10 actually uses two lenses, which are pointed in slightly different directions. The resulting pair of shots can then be digitally stitched together by the V10 to create a wide-angle selfie, or ‘groufie’ if you want to use the godawful term.

LG V10 innovation 2: Dual front facing cameras

We’ve seen dual-lens cameras before on the likes of the HTC One M8, but not around the front. It’s a great idea in our opinion, as it’ll hopefully mean the death of the dreaded selfie stick.

LG V10 innovation #3: Full video controls

If you’re a budding movie director, you’ll love the LG V10’s manual video controls. These allow you to adjust video settings while you’re recording, including shutter speed, frame rate, ISO levels, audio input and focus. That’s especially good if you’re moving around while recording, to avoid hideous over/under-exposure as you move the lens.

There’s also a wind noise filter, the ability to combine short videos into a single, longer effort and ‘electric image stabilisation’ to cut down on shaky cam footage. We’re expecting the video features to attract a lot of interest from YouTubers and anyone who shoots a lot of footage, and the results will hopefully be impressive.

LG V10 UK price and release date

We’ve contacted LG who told us that the LG V10 is not currently confirmed for the UK, which sucks pretty hard. More news when we have it.


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