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LG Viewty Smart: Beauty and brains?

In a dark hotel basement somewhere in Soho LG showed us its latest creation, the LG Viewty Smart. In its never-ending quest to push megapixels higher and higher, LG has crammed an impressive 8-megapixel camera into the Smart.

The camera boasts auto-focus, face and smile detection, a panorama mode and a photo editing mode, among other features. It also shoots video in slow motion, which is great for recreating Chariots of Fire but we’re disappointed to report that there’s no xenon flash.

Compared to LG’s previous touchscreen phones, the Viewty Smart is definitely one of its most attractive. The 3-inch touchscreen looks good and is more responsive than the original Viewty’s. The proprietary 3D interface is packed with colourful icons that overwhelmed us initially but we got used to it after a few minutes — it’s like a bag of pick-and-mix, you just need to keep digging.

There are plenty of on-board features including GPS, HSDPA and Wi-Fi. During the demo LG also showed us some of the more gimmicky features such as a foggy screen mode that creates a foggy screen when you blow into the mic — why this app exists is beyond our comprehension. Click the next page for more pictures.

The LG Viewty Smart is relatively thin and as you can see in this picture there’s a microSD slot so that you can add more memory.

The Viewty Smart’s camera sits on the top left on the back and comes with an LED photo light. We really wish it had a xenon flash.

This is the Viewty Smart’s camera interface. Accessing settings using the touchscreen seemed relatively straightforward and there’s a useful ‘touch to focus’ feature.


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