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Logitech’s PowerShell Controller brings physical controls to iOS games

iOS is home to some fantastic mobile games, but onscreen controls often obscure the action or simply don’t work all that well. Logitech believes that a return to physical controls in in order with its iOS 7 compatible PowerShell Controller.

iPhone 5, 5S, and fifth-gen iPod touch owners can use the controller to turn their phone into a fully fledged gamepad. There’s a standard D-Pad, four action buttons, and shoulder triggers, not unlike a console controller. Better yet, there’s a 1,500mAh battery inside the controller which can recharge devices during gameplay.

It’s a neat accessory, but the number of games that the controller supports is limited right now. There’s also the price: Logitech wants £90, which seems expensive for an accessory that won’t necessarily follow your phone everywhere. Still, if you need physical gaming controls, this is the best option so far. Logitech says the controller will begin shipping in December.


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