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Lookout launches Mobile Threat Tracker, visualises real-time virus protection on your Android phone

The latest creation to come out of Lookout Labs’ kitchens is the Lookout Mobile Threat Tracker. Less of a security tool like Plan B and the main Lookout app, the Mobile Threat Tracker is a neat visualisation app that shows off the thousands of mobile threats that Lookout identifies and stops every day.

Like that shiny Google video which visualised Android device activations as heart-warming pinpricks of light, the Mobile Threat Tracker identifies a virus being given the boot as a neon burst on the surface of a rotating 3D globe.

As well as giving you an idea of whereabouts in the world most mobile threats come from, the Mobile Threat Tracker also lists the top three trending threats. RuPaidMarket currently has the distinction of being the current Mobile Enemy No. 1. A distant cousin of our old pal RuFraud, no doubt.

The free app can be downloaded from the Android Market now. If you’ve not already done so, we’d recommend that you check out the full Lookout suite at the same time – as well as protecting your phone against viruses, it’s also incredibly handy if you end up losing it as well.

Source: Lookout Blog


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