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Make yourself blind by watching YouTube on your watch

You can now kick back and enjoy YouTube videos on your tiny little Android Wear smartwatch screen, if you don’t mind squinting like a confused sex pest.

We all know that smartwatches aren’t intended for viewing video, right? All the same, somebody apparently decided it was high time that we tried – namely AppFour, the creators of ‘Video for Android Wear & YouTube’.

The new video app allows you to access YouTube videos on your smartwatch exactly as you would on your phone, provided you’re happy staring at a screen the size of a two pence piece.

Accessing videos isn’t terribly hard, at least. There’s an option to type on a miniscule keyboard which would give a hamster serious cramps, or more wisely perform a voice search for whatever cat videos you’re after. Then, with just a couple of taps on the screen, your video will begin playing right there on your wrist. What a time to be alive.

AppFour’s app will also allow you to connect Bluetooth headphones or speakers, so you can actually hear your chosen video too. However, the headset or speakers have to be connected to the watch rather than your smartphone to work.

While we jest, the app does have one seriously cool feature: it offers up full Chromecast support, so you can search for videos and cast them to your big screen in a matter of seconds, without even having to get your phone out of your pocket.

As you’d expect, watching videos on your smartwatch will gobble up your battery life in no time at all, which is handy. Still, if that isn’t enough to deter you, you can head over to the Google Play Store and grab Video for Android Wear & YouTube right now for free.


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