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Man in China buys 99 iPhone 6s to propose with. Gets rejected

After spending what equates to two-year’s salary buying up 99 iPhone 6s as part of a marriage proposal, this poor guy still got turned down.

Despite the rejection we suspect his wallet was in more pain than his heart at this point

They say that love is blind and one love-struck man from­­ Guangzhou, China really didn’t read this situation correctly. The computer programmer forked out over 500,000 yuan (just over £51,000) to buy 99 iPhone 6s which he proceeded to arrange into a huge heart shape outside of his girlfriend’s workplace.

Standing in the middle of his newly made iPhone-based stage of love, bouquet of flowers in-hand he then attempted to take the plunge and propose to his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she apparently didn’t share the same strong feelings for him or his love of Apple’s latest blower and turned down the proposal in front of a crowd of friends and colleagues that had gathered.


Onlookers naturally decided that this entire event was social media gold and shared it on popular Chinese site, Weibo. The man’s proposal happened just days before ‘Singles Day’ (November 11th or 11/11) – a day designed to celebrate all the singletons out there, but according to Tech In Asia, it also holds the title as the biggest online shopping day in the world.

Whilst we can’t help but feel sorry for the guy, at least there’s little chance he’ll have any trouble reselling all those iPhones, which in China serve as an incredibly sought after handset. All we would say is wouldn’t it have been easier and unfathomably cheaper to buy 99 iPhone 6 boxes, without handsets, instead? The things people do for love, or the absence of in this case.


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