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Maneki Neko Beckoning Cat widget for Android

If you like cats and have an affinity for anything Japanese, then you’ll want this Maneki Neko ‘Beckoning Cat’ widget for your Android phone.

This lucky cat comes complete with a collar, bell and raised paw and adopts a variety of poses and facial expressions on your phone.

Maneki Neko changes a few times a day and on holidays. As you can see above it puts on a Santa hat for Christmas and on holidays involving feasts, it poses with a cornucopia overflowing with fruit. Fair enough, except that cats don’t tend to eat fruit… Other poses involve cherry blossoms and Valentine’s Day love hearts.

Maneki Neko really doesn’t do anything other than sit on your phone’s screen and look cute. But if you love cats and Japanese stuff then you won’t mind parting with the 63p ($0.99) for this little widget.


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