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Meet the team helping to create OnePlus’ new OxygenOS

Today OnePlus revealed the team of people responsible for putting together OxygenOS: the custom-built ROM destined for the company’s smartphones.

The OnePlus One is a very good handset and it runs a pretty stellar build of Android too; a supported version of the CyanogenMod. However following a recent issue with support for One users in India, a new ROM being built in-house at OnePlus is about to step into frame dubbed OxygenOS.

Whilst OnePlus made plans to introduce its own Android experience public, until we didn’t know who would be responsible for creating such a build. OxygenOS will be and Android Lollipop-based ROM hand-crafted for OnePlus hardware in mind and as with the company’s phones, they’re not going to be releasing anything until it’s well and truly ready.

In the most recent blog post from OnePlus, the company released the names and backgrounds of the members tasked with creating OxygenOS. Despite its diminutive size, OnePlus has a global reach and the ROM development team consists of members from the US and Colombia to Italy and India.

Some, including the Android Technical Lead and members of the development team have backgrounds working at or with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Intel, so there are no small fry here. Ties to Paranoid Android – another custom-built Android ROM are also strong, which should give you some indication of what to expect from OxygenOS particularly with regards to its flat, minimalist aesthetic.

The new OxygenOS logo
The new OxygenOS logo

OnePlus has promised that the OS itself will come free of any bloatware or additional apps you’d commonly find on devices from HTC and Samsung, instead giving a streamlined experience geared on performance and fluidity. The company has also introduced a new logo too.

Whilst no official launch date has been penned for OxygenOS just yet, it’ll be coming to existing OnePlus One users in India first to plug the gap in support left by CyanogenMod’s departure and will likely roll out to a wider audience after.

Are you a OnePlus One user? Will you be switching to OxygenOS or staying put with the current Cyanogen ROM? Let us know in the comments down below.


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