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No, we’re not high, Messi’s Space Scooter iOS/Android game is real

Footballer Lionel Messi is the unlikely star of a new endless racing mobile game for iPhone and Android devices, Messi Space Scooter Game.

We honestly couldn’t make it up if we tried, even after inhaling all of the illicit substances in Soho. Barcelona player Lionel Messi now has his own iOS/Android mobile game, available now in the App Store and Google Play, in which he races aliens on his very own Space Scooter.

But poor old Messi, who of course is well known for his intergalactic racing shenanigans, won’t just have to contend with malevolent aliens who attempt to shoot his precious scooter down with missiles. He also has to dodge dinosaurs, dragons and robots as he races across three different planets, and endure fast-paced boss battles to progress to the next world. And of course you’ll need to upgrade Messi’s Space Scooter as you go, to keep that competitive edge.

Yes, Messi has officially endorsed this game, which appears to be a part of some contract he signed with Dutch Space Scooter in 2014. And the exciting news is that players can win real-life prizes by playing Messi Space Scooter Game, including an all-inclusive trip to Barcelona to meet the man himself.

We’ve downloaded Messi Space Scooter Game to check it out and so far it seems to be very similar to Temple Run and every other endless runner out there. You swipe left and right to dodge obstacles and up to perform a killer scooter flip jump thing. There are objectives to complete and coins to collect (well, footballers got to eat too, right?) and of course you can use real money to get extra revive potions when you collide with a boulder or a massive alien elephant leg.

Still, the graphics are colourful and cartoony and the live environments will be fun for younger players to dodge around in. Stay tuned for a full review. Maybe.


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