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Microsoft and RIM could offer MobileMe style service for business

Tech website ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft and RIM could be about to announce a new, free hosted Blackberry Enterprise Service.

The service would essentially be a business orientated version of Apple’s MobileMe cloud-based system. It will use a combination of Microsoft’s Exchange 2010 Online and Blackberry Enterprise Services.

“RIM is the only mobile OS that doesn’t use (Microsoft) ActiveSync-aware devices and has a separate device management platform – the BES environment” said ZDNet’s source.

The new service will replace the current $10 dollar a month Microsoft-hosted BES with a free system. Those who use it get wireless access to various business functions like contacts, tasks, calendars and email. It remains to be seen whether the new service will add any new features, or if those who are already members will have to pay to join.


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