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Microsoft Surface Phone in the works, coming to new UK stores 2013?

Despite the myriad of Android phones out there, Google have the Nexus brand to call their own and now Microsoft might be making the same move, with talk of a Microsoft Surface phone, headed to the UK next year.

A picture is slowly forming and based on rumours from multiple sources, collected by TrustedReviews, the Surface brand could well make its way to the smartphone market next year. Rumour has it that Foxconn, one of the companies chiefly responsible for manufacturing products such as Apple’s iPhone, has been approached by Microsoft to help produce the Windows Phone 8-powered ‘Surface Phone’.

Microsoft Surface Store kiosk

The Chinese manufacturer has already worked with the Redmond-based tech giant on production of their first own-brand tablet, Microsoft Surface, but a source told DigiTimes that the Surface Phone “will only have a limited shipment volume initially” when it arrives in store halfway through 2013.

Speaking of stores, the FT have learnt that Microsoft are looking to increase the strength of their foothold outside of the US. In a bid to try and divert the flow of customers streaming into Apple stores, Microsoft launched their own chain of physical retail outlets stateside and in this latest move, the company are considering coming to Europe.

In order to enter into the European market in a more prevalent manner, the same brick and mortar store model is supposedly coming to the UK first and as such will serve as a solid platform with which to offer the new device alongside various other Windows products, including the Surface RT tab, Surface Pro tab and other Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 products.


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