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Microsoft’s next Surface Pro reportedly includes Intel’s Haswell and a ‘refined’ kickstand

Microsoft didn’t announce any refreshed Surface tablets at its Build conference back in June, but sequels are still reportedly on the way. Neowin and Windows blogger Paul Thurrott have both provided details of Microsoft’s next-generation Surface Pro. The changes aren’t much of a surprise, but it’s good to know that an improved version may be on the way.

The tablet will simply be known as the Surface Pro 2, according to the sites, and run Intel’s latest Haswell processors. They’re faster than the Ivy Bridge chips used in the last generation of PCs and tablets, and generally more efficient, leading to better battery life. The Surface Pro was rated for around 5 hours of battery life, but Thurrott believes the next Surface will manage up to 7 hours.

In addition, different RAM configurations will apparently be made available. The current Surface Pro has 4GB, but the next-gen version could include as much as 8GB. The integrated kickstand on the tablet will also reportedly be tweaked, allowing for two angles to be set instead of the single option forced on users right now.

There’s no word on what the Surface Pro 2 will cost, or when it will ship, but we imagine that Microsoft will have it ready to go in time for the tablet’s one year anniversary at the end of October.


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