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Surface just got more professional with the launch of the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft descended upon New York City earlier to showcase the next stage in the evolution of the Windows computer. Meet the Surface Pro 3.

The computing world is in a state of flux right now, particularly when it comes to how people access their files and where they work. The desktop started to lose out to the laptop when it emerged on the scene and now tablets, particularly powerful ones like the Surface line, are starting to shift a new wave of users away from laptops to more portable, yet powerful computers.

Something Microsoft always pushed the Surface to be that it never truly managed, was as an alternative to a laptop; with the Surface Pro 3, the company thinks they’ve cracked it.

Notice even the video’s title wants you to trade in your laptop.

The Pro 3 boasts a larger, 12-inch 2160×1440 HD display and as with the previous Pros it supports stylus input too (what’s called the Surface Pen). In addition there are new Type and Touch Covers which offer a larger trackpad.

We picked up on the fact that, especially compared key rivals such as the iPad, the previous Surfaces were both beefcakes; the new model is considerably thinner and lighter at just 9.1mm and 800 grams.

Surface Pro 3

It still retains the characteristic kickstand though, a sticking point for some when it came to “lapability” (being able to use the thing on your lap comfortably and securely), but the 3rd generation slate comes with a more flexible hinge and third position which allows the Surface Pro 3 to lean into a sunglasses-wearingly cool 150 degrees, intended for stylus use and graphic work.

Surface Pro 3 angles

You’ll be able to choose from an Intel i3, i5 or i7 processor-laden Pro 3, although not all version will be available from the offset. Pre-orders are expected to go live tomorrow, with 26 markets outside of the US, including the UK having them available to buy come the end of August.

What are your thoughts on the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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