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Microsoft cuts Surface RT price to £279

Microsoft recently cut the price of its Surface RT tablet in the United States to $349, and it looks like the company will be similarly dropping the price across the world. The UK will be reaping the benefits of that price cut too, with the tablet seeing a £120 reduction. PC Advisor reports that Microsoft will be selling the Surface RT for £279 starting from today on its website and at retailers like John Lewis.

That’s for the 32GB model, though. The 64GB version is a little bit more expensive at £359, and it looks like the prices of the individual Touch and Type covers have remained unchanged. It’s worth noting too that this is the RT model, so you won’t be able to run your traditional Windows 8 apps. The Surface RT is over a year old at this point as well, with Microsoft most likely cutting the price in order to shift stock ahead of a refresh in a few months time.

There were rumours that the company would introduce new Surface tablets at its Build conference last month, but Microsoft instead focused on improvements to Windows 8. The same reports suggested, however, that the company is working on smaller versions of the Surface, with 7- to 8-inch models expected somewhere down the line. The company made a point of showing off software improvements for smaller tablets too, lending weight to the rumours.

If you want a basic tablet for web browsing and email, then the discounted Surface RT isn’t a terrible choice, but it might be worth waiting a bit longer for the refreshed models. Better yet, you could make the jump to a full Windows 8 tablet like the Acer Iconia W3 or Microsoft Surface Pro for better performance and app compatibility.


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