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Mid-range Asus Transformer Prime surfaces?

The ASUS Transformer Prime is a distinctly premium tablet. With its £499 price tag and quad-core processor, it’s naturally going to be too dear for some readers (and tech-writers) to buy just yet. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a skinny alternative without quite so much oomph that cost a little less, possibly using the same skinny dock too?

Images of a tablet dubbed the Asus TF300 have just been leaked and while some others are calling it the Transformer 3, our guess is it’s a more affordable alternative to the mighty Prime.

While no specs have been released surrounding this mystery device, it sports a less finely spun pattern on the reverse, probably cheaper to produce than the Transformer Prime’s hair thin spiralling. It also bears a red colouration, suggesting a younger less affluent target.

The camera on the reverse is also lacking a flash, possibly mirroring the original Asus Transformer’s 5-megapixel unit again saving a few pennies in production.

Between flailing it across train carriages to test its durability and comparing it with other tablets in hands on videos, we’ve gotten to know it pretty well. We even compared the Prime against the original Transformer and can definitely see a space in the market for a dual-core alternative without all the bulk of the original Transformer. So imagine this: a £399 skinny dual-core Asus Eee Pad Transformer, would you want one?

Source: Engadget via: BGR


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