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Minecraft gets autumn release date on Xperia Play

Diggers rejoice, Minecraft looks set to arrive on the Xperia Play this Autumn. That’s according to creator Mark Persson, who told IGN all about Minecraft’s journey to smartphones and its fututre.

Still launching as an exclusive game for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the game will later appear available for all capable Android phones. Persson even managed to hint at a respectable price of $6.99 (£4.35).

Already nearing 3 million copies sold, Minecraft has already been seen in action running on the Xperia Play, and looks set to make good use of those PlayStation controllers. It’ll be a different challenge to streamline Minecraft controls for a touchscreen phone, but we’re still looking forward to giving it a try in the next few months. 

To tide you over until launch, it’s possible to import your Minecraft maps into Minebuilder; an (unofficial) mining game already available on Android Market for 86p. We know, it just isn’t the same.

We’ve popped in a video of the test version below.

Source: IGN


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