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Mobile phones do not cause cancer, study concludes

Good news everyone! A new study in Denmark has shown that use of mobile phones doesn’t appear to increase incidences of brain cancer, further squashing all that hand-wringing speculation that our mobile phones were sending us to an early grave.

The study looked at incidences of cancer in the whole Danish population over 30, using research data from the Danish Cancer Institute and Danish mobile networks.

After analysing data on 10,729 central nervous system tumours between 1990 and 2007, the researchers found that people who had used mobile phones for 13 years had no higher rates of cancer than those who had not.

However, the researchers do note that the findings do not rule out the possibility of cancers developing as a result of mobile phones in the longer term. There’s nothing in the study to suggest that this is the case, but the evidence available doesn’t rule it out.

Source: The Guardian

Picture credit: Mobile-t-mobile


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