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Mod brings Folders to Windows Phone 7

As any iOS or Android user knows, organizing your apps into folders can provide hours of fun. Windows Phone users have been left out in the cold in that regard, but that will all be a thing of the past thanks to an enterprising hacker.

The concept is relatively simple: you take the existing live tiles but use them as folders instead. You can probably see from the video below that the tile will show a split preview of what you have stored in your folder, and opening it up will take you to a list full of goodies.

The mod hasn’t been released yet, but from the looks of things you’ll need a handset running Mango that’s developer unlocked to be able to get in on the action. Keep an eye on the source link if you’re interested when it does hit the Interwebs, and check out the video below for a demonstration.


Source: WindowsPhoneHacker via Engadget


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