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Moject: The mobile projection system we’ve been waiting for

We’ve seen plenty of mobile projection systems but we’ve never been that impressed – until now. Dave Slocombe, the innovation product manager at, and someone called Adie have created a really cool motion-sensitive mobile projection system called Mojet. In the video below Dave demonstrates a Moject-enabled iPhone and as you’ll see it’s impressive stuff.

“The Moject enhanced iphone features a laser pico projector and custom software and hardware upgrades based around our moject IP of ‘interactive projection’. Our demonstrator game is a 3D geolocated experience that shows how Moject can transform any mobile device into a mind-blowing gaming and entertainment machine. Now for the bad news, our Moject is, for now, one of a kind (and i use it every day for work!) so no chance of being able to pick one up yet but we are actively looking for innovative leaders within tech software and product companies who have the vision and capability to take Moject to the next level.”

We love what Dave and Adie have come up with and think it could do really well. Our only doubts regarding mobile projection technology is that it’s reliant a user being able to find a suitable surface and suitable ambient lighting, which isn’t always possible. For more information visit the Moject website and you can also follow Moject and Dave Slocombe on Twitter.

Source: Engadget


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