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More HTC Windows Phone 7 leaks: HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7 surface?

Anyone getting a bit fatigued by all these Win Pho 7 leaks? No? Ok then. Here are the latest two – what could be the fabled HD7 and the HTC 7 Trophy in prototype form.

The above HTC HD7 drawings come from the same source who provided WMPowerUser with the video and specs of the HTC Mozart yesterday, which lends it an air of vague authenticity. Specs are currently in the mythical stages, but we can see a microUSB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, camera with dual-flash, dedicated camera button and volume controls on the drawing. SlashGear reckons that the HD7 will also have the 4.3-inch display seen on the HD2.

These pictures of what may or may not be the HTC 7 Trophy (or an HTC Classical Composer or perhaps an HTC Dutch Painter? We’ve no idea) have also surfaced on PocketNow. Not much else to tell you on this, other than that it looks a lot like those prototype drawings above and seems to be running the new HTC Sense Hub.

With October now all but officially confirmed for the first wave of Win Pho launches, we shouldn’t have to wait too long until all these confusing leaks and crazily named devices get sorted out once and for all.


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