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Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock (iOS) game review

We review Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock, a point n’ click adventure game for the iPhone and iPad.

Who’d be a character in a point n’ click sci-fi adventure game, eh? Chances are you’re going to end up marooned on some desolate, distant planet, eating bits of your dead crewmates to survive while being chased about the place by many-tentacled monsters who want to bathe in your intestinal juices.

In Morningstar, you play as space merchant Powell whose craft has just unceremoniously smashed down onto – yeah, you guessed it – a desolate, distant planet. The only other survivor is the captain, who unfortunately can’t help out with repairs as he’s slightly impaled on a large chunk of the ship. So it’s up to you to patch up the ship, using remnants from another mysteriously empty crashed vessel that you find on the planet’s otherwise barren surface.

Of course, your repair mission is constantly overshadowed by the mystery of what happened to this second craft and its crew, which lends a sinister air to the story. The game’s melancholic soundtrack and gloomy visuals add to the atmosphere and although Morningstar is pretty short, the three to four hours of gameplay is consistently entertaining.

Morningstar’s smartly designed puzzles are thankfully perfectly logical, with no random moments where you combine a rubber duck with a lead pipe to create a rowboat, for instance. You shouldn’t be stumped unless you miss a hotspot, but the majority are clearly marked.

If you have any love for adventure games, Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock is well worth a look. You can download it for your iPhone or iPad right now from the Apple App Store for £2.99/$3.99.


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